Books I Love

Books I Love: Where She Went by Gayle Forman

I recently finished listening to the audiobook of Where She Went by Gayle Forman. Where She Went is the sequel to If I Stay. I enjoyed the first book, but this second book was phenomenal. I loved it. First, I enjoyed that the book was told through Adam's perspective. (I might be a little exhausted of female YA narrators.) I liked that it's a slow burn to learn about what happened with Adam and Mia since the accident. I love the characters. The author even managed to catch me a little off guard with how the story wrapped up. I loved the details, description, and the shooting star lyrics at the start of the chapters. Magnificent! If you are looking for a great contemporary ya book, check this one out. Here's the link to it on Amazon

Sidenote - You should probably read the first book beforehand, although I think it stands well on its own. 

Books I Love: Deathmaker by Lindsay Buroker

It's been several weeks since I highlighted a book I've enjoyed recently because my reading slowed down during the month of March. But, life is back to its normal pace and I finished a great book this morning–Deathmaker by Lindsay Buroker. 

I've read a few of Buroker's books now, and she is quickly rising to the top of my favorite authors list. She writes fantasy, urban fantasy, and steampunk. Her books are filled with action, snappy dialogue, rich worlds and great characters. This is the second book of the Dragonblood series, but it reads like a standalone due to the focus on different characters. If you are looking for a new book to read, I recommend checking out the Dragon Blood series by Buroker. At the moment, you can pick up the first three books in the series for only $0.99.

When Lieutenant Caslin Ahn joined Wolf Squadron, she was prepared for the reality that she might one day be killed in the line of duty. She was less prepared for being shot down, assumed dead by her own people, and dragged off to the Cofah Empire as a prisoner of war. As if being thrust into a dungeon and interrogated wasn't bad enough, the sadistic commandant decides to give her a cellmate: the notorious pirate Deathmaker. Given the crimes he's committed against Iskandia, Cas owes it to her people to try and kill him. 

Part warrior and part scientist,
Tolemek "Deathmaker" Targoson has not only slain thousands with his deadly concoctions, but he has a special loathing for Iskandian pilots. It was Ahn's commander, Colonel Zirkander, who ruined his military career, forcing him to leave his country in shame and join a pirate organization. Years later, he uses his dreadful reputation like a shield to keep people away; all he wants is to be left alone to work in his laboratory. But when fate lands him in a cell with Zirkander's protégé, he sees a chance for revenge. Why kill the lieutenant when he can use her to get to his old nemesis? 

There's just one problem: it's hard to plot against your enemies when you're in prison with them. Cas and
Tolemek will have to work together if they hope to escape the Cofah dungeon. In the process, they may find that neither is what the other expects, and that they have far greater problems to worry about than ensnaring each other... 

Books I Love: The Alchemist's Flame by Becca Andre

As I shared last month, I have halted my monthly book reviews post in favor of a highlighting a book I've read lately. For February, this book is The Alchemist's Flame by Becca Andre. 

Now that the local hospital is using her burn salve, master alchemist Addie Daulton has become a celebrity. The positive press will go a long way in helping her redeem alchemy’s reputation, but Addie wishes the media would stop calling her the Flame Lord’s alchemist. She doesn’t need his sanction to validate her skills. Besides, having the name of the city’s premier Element tied to hers makes it hard to carry out her clandestine activities—like spying on the leader of the necromancer community. If she’s not careful, she could kick off a war between Old Magic and New. 

The risk proves worth it when she discovers that her former colleague and current nemesis, Neil Dunstan, is working with the Deacon himself. If that wasn’t bad enough, she learns that Neil has resurrected a grim and made it his own. A grim that once destroyed a family of Elements. And this month, every Element in the world is gathering right here in Cincinnati. 

With the date of the gathering fast approaching, Addie must figure out what Neil plans to do and stop him, or Old Magic will win the war before it even begins. 

The Alchemist's Flame is the third full-length novel in Andre's Final Formula series. I'm not normally a big urban fantasy reader, but I love this series. The cast of characters is quirky and diverse with snappy dialogue. I especially love the dynamic of the two strong female characters of Addie and Elysia in this third installment of the book. Besides the fun cast of characters, the novels are page turners. I never want to put these twisty, action-packed books down. 

If you are looking for a new series or author to read in the urban fantasy genre, check out The Final Formula. The first book in the series is free!

What are you reading this winter?