January Book Spotlight: Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry

For the past couple years, my routine is to post my monthly book reviews on the blog. In 2015, I'm changing my reading routine, and therefore, the monthly book review posts. In the past year, my reading habit was centered on finishing as many books as I could, and I wasn't enjoying some of the books I read. This year, I'm slowing down the amount of books I read. I also am focusing my reading to authors I love and some books I've read before. Since I may only read 2 books a month, I am shifting away from the monthly book reviews. Instead, I will highlight a book or two each month. This month's book spotlight is Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry.

Katie McGarry has been on my author radar for several months now. She writes contemporary young adult romance, but her novels are much more than love stories. I picked up Pushing the Limits and blazed through the book in a few days. The novel  switches point of view with each chapter between Noah and Echo, the main characters. Noah and Echo are both dealing with issues in their past. Noah lost his parents, and Echo had a traumatizing event with her bipolar mother. Their school counselor sets their romance in motion by assigning Echo to tutor Noah.

I loved this book. I know it follows many young adult and romance tropes, but you can't help but love Echo and Noah. You are rooting for them to figure out their lives together. But this novel is much more than a romance. The characters are battling inner demons and learning how to let go and move forward. The author does a great job of bringing forth the emotion of the characters. I was in tears at the end of the book.

Pushing the Limits is the first in a series by McGarry. The next books in the series follow secondary characters from Pushing the Limits. I'm excited to read how she connects the dots between the series, especially since my contemporary young adult follows the same pattern. Katie McGarry is definitely on my list for this year. 6 out of 7 stars

What are you reading in this snowy, cold January?