It's Good to Be Home - A Return to Normalcy

The nights are cooler and longer. The school busses are roaring through the neighborhood. Pumpkin beer is on the shelf  in the grocery store because the summer season is transitioning into fall. But, after a hectic summer schedule, I am grateful for the transition to fall and into a regular routine.

I love my summer of mission work, camp, and vacation. It’s always fun to visit new places and have new experiences with youth, friends, and family. I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything. But, there is also something to be said about returning home and falling back into a regular routine.

Brian and I returned home from our last trip this summer about two weeks ago on August 11. In two short weeks, I’ve caught up many areas that took back seat to the summer craziness.

At work, I am almost ready for the start of the program year on September 9. We resume regular youth meetings along with fun outings throughout the month. I feel confident and am excited for the year to start.

At home, Brian and I are organizing, simplifying and cleaning the house. On Sunday, we rearranged and cleaned our spare bedroom. In the process, we gave an old futon away, trashed some junk, and made a pile of books and dvds to sell or trade. We also bought a new queen size mattress and frame after a few months of saving up. And in the next week or two, I plan on tackling the project of a kitchen reorganization. I love organizing and simplifying, especially when there is free time to do it.

Along with house projects, Brian and I are enjoying a regular schedule where we have free time to spend with each other, our friends, and our family. For two straight weekends, we have spent time with good friends. That doesn’t sound like an incredible feat, but we haven’t had two back to back weekends free in months. The other day, Brian and I walked to the nearby park and finally used the tennis rackets I bought for Brian’s birthday in June. Of course, we are spending lots of time playing and walking with the pug as well.

Finally, I am back into a weekly routine of writing and editing. After several months away from blogging, inspiration and motivation returned for me to blog on a once a week schedule. I also am working through first draft edits of a novel. Honestly, I haven’t decided next steps yet after first draft edits, but I’ll figure it out when I get there. I also am writing my next nonfiction book which examines the radical life of Jesus and the implications for our lives as Christians. After little progress for a couple of months, it feels great to move forward in my writing projects.

I am a person of routine and schedule and so, I am excited for the fall season. I am excited to be back in a normal life rhythm.

What about you? Are you excited for the beginning of a new season? Why or why not?