Pug Love - Four Life Lessons from Zelda the Pug

Roughly six months ago, Brian and I adopted a two-year old pug Zelda. Brian is a dog guy. He wanted a dog since we moved into our house a year ago. I love dogs, but wasn’t ready to adopt until spring of 2012 when life calmed down a bit. By that time, we were pretty set on finding a Boston Terrier. But, we got an email from Brian’s mom who knew of a pug that needed a new home in late February. We drove to London, Ohio and immediately fell in love with Princess. We took her home that day and renamed her Zelda. (We couldn’t have a pug named princess!) Six months later, I’m so glad we adopted Zelda. She has brought joy, laughter and smiles into our home. And Zelda reminds me daily of some important life lessons.

  1. Take Daily Walks - Zelda takes at least two twenty-minute walks every day in our neighborhood. She loves getting outside, stretching her legs, barking at other dogs, and chasing squirrels. Zelda’s walks have forced us to get moving every day and to meet our neighbors.
  2. We Need Play Time - Zelda loves to play with balls, frisbee, angry birds and other stuffed animals. Sometimes Zelda gets so excited during play time she does pug sprints throughout our house. If Zelda doesn’t get her play time, she becomes a pain in the butt and annoys us until we play with her. It’s not unlike me. When I get busy and stressed, my play time disappears. Without time to play and have fun, I become more irritable.

  3. Cuddle More - Zelda is a great cuddler. When it’s naptime, she cuddles with you on the couch or in the bed. She will sleep under the covers next to you if you let her. Zelda knows that cuddling and showing affection is important for any relationship. She reminds to give lots of hugs and to tell my family and friends I love them.

  4. Enjoy Life - Zelda loves her life of playing, sleeping, eating, and walking. She takes pleasure in simple things. With Zelda in the house, I smile more because she’s adorable and lots of fun. I remember to enjoy life every day, especially the simple things like a walk to the park or a meal with Brian.

It’s funny how much a twelve pound pug changed my life and routine. But it’s for the better and I can’t imagine life without the little monster.

What has changed your outlook lately?

Have you learned anything new from a surprising source?