February 2014 Book Reviews

This month I enjoyed three great Young Adult books. All three were sitting on my kindle for a few months and in between packing, moving, and unpacking I managed to read these three. I am excited for next month with a wide open calendar to read lots of books!

Matt Archer: Monster Hunter by Kendra C. Highley - I reviewed Sidelined, a contemporary YA novel by Kendra a couple months ago. I enjoyed it, so I picked up the start of her Matt Archer series, a horror/urban fantasy series.  Matt Archer is an ordinary boy who gets picked by a magic wielding knife to hunt monsters in the middle of Montana. The concept sounds a little crazy, but if you are willing to suspend disbelief with the magic and fantasy in the backdrop of a modern society, this is a great book. The book is written so well- perfect for the younger teenagers which is the target audience. But even adults can enjoy the fun of this book. I can't wait to continue the series! 5 out of 7 stars.

In Your Dreams by Amy Martin is a solid YA debut. I love the character of Zip (although that may be just because of my love of basketball). She is a strong young teenage girl. When she meets Kieran, a new kid for the first time, she is intrigued by him, his story, and his narcolepsy. They quickly become friends and Amy discovers Kieran's secret- his dreams predict the future. I enjoyed how the author took this concept of dreams and put a fresh spin on it. I enjoyed the character development and interaction, along with the mystery and intrigue of the story. It's a great debut and worth the read if you are a sucker for good YA books. (Like me!) 5 out of 7 stars and it's free on Amazon Kindle.


Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson - I absolutely loved this book. It was action packed, yet full of great themes to make you think. The characters were authentic and the world building was intriguing. The YA novel is set in a near future where ordinary people have gained super powers (think the TV show Heroes). These people are called Epics, but the Epics are terrible power hungry killers. The novel is centered on David, a seventeen year old boy, eager for revenge against an Epic named Steelheart, who killed his father. He joins up with the Reckoners, the only group of humans who fights against the Epics and they attempt to take Steelheart down. Like I said, the book is great- superbly written with a great plot. It's worth reading! 6 out of 7 stars (maybe deserves 7 stars, I'm still debating it.)

Rating System Guide

7 stars = Phenomenal book – one of the  best book’s I’ve read

6 stars = Great book – worth your time to read

5 stars = Solid book, if you like the genre pick it up

4 stars = Okay book, maybe lacking something in the way of language, character development, story

3 stars = I probably should have stopped reading this book.

1 or 2 stars = Serious issues with plot, structure, language, or not a book for me.