Kindle Paperwhite 2nd Generation Review

IMG_0444 I have had my eye on the Kindle Paperwhite since they announced the first version a year or so ago. I bought a second generation kindle a few years ago- one with a keyboard, no touch screen or backlight. I read on it quite a bit, but I switched to reading on my iPad so I could read in bed while the hubby is sleeping. A few months ago, I sold my iPad because I wanted less gadgets in my life and I was back to the kindle for reading. I found I missed the touch screen greatly when I wanted to highlight a passage in a book. And of course, I missed the backlit screen at night. Knowing I read everyday, I decided my next gadget purchase would be a Paperwhite. I was fortunate enough to receive some Amazon gift cards this Christmas and I didn’t hesitate. I ordered the Paperwhite, along with a case.

After a few weeks of reading, I love the Paperwhite. It’s not a perfect device, but for a big reader like me, it’s great. I love the touch screen. It is responsive and quick. I can highlight passages with ease and look back through them at the end of the book. I also find it simple to navigate and use. It’s easy to turn the backlight on and off and adjust the font size, spacing, etc. I can also organize my books with ease into collections (which I need to do). The best part is I don’t have to find room on a bookshelf to store all these books I read!

The ability to adjust the brightness of the screen is also a positive. I usually read with the screen at a darker setting. I like reading on the darker setting. It’s not as harsh on the eyes. But even on the brightest setting, the paperwhite is much better for reading than any tablet screen (at least right now). I do have to say the paperwhite screen didn’t meet all of my expectations. It’s not perfect yet, Amazon and the e-ink technology still has room to improve to mimic a paperback book.

The battery life is also superb. I charged it when I got it on New Year’s Eve. I haven’t charged it yet and the battery gauge is half full. I love a device I don’t have to charge every night!

Finally, I did get the version with ads. They don’t really bug me and I can always fork over another $20 at any time to stop them. But at the moment I see no need.

Overall, if you are an avid reader, the Kindle Paperwhite is worth the $120.

Side note, I picked up a Finite Folio Case. It’s great and only costs $15 as opposed to the Amazon case which is $40. The case wakes or puts the Kindle to sleep and gives plenty of protection.

Do you have a kindle or e-reader? Why or why not?