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Happy Birthday Zelda Pug

IMG_0621 One winter night in February of 2012, my husband Brian and I received an email from his mother about a pug named Tucker who needed a home. We were thinking about adopting a dog, but we hadn’t started looking for a canine companion yet. My husband and I were thinking of adopting a Boston Terrier, but we both had a soft spot for pugs. After a couple days of deliberation, we called the owners about Tucker. Unfortunately, Tucker already found a new home. They did have another pug named Princess who needed a new home. We found out she was about 2 years old. The family had four pugs and four children and not enough space for everyone.

We arranged a time to meet Princess and hopefully take her home. Princess was about three hours away so we hit the road. When we arrived at the address, the owner carried Princess outside and placed her in my arms. I fell in love instantly. She was small for a pug (only 11 pounds) and her head was tiny. I knew she was coming home with us. We talked with the owner for a few minutes and knew Princess needed a good home. It was clear the conditions in the home weren’t great. The owner handed us the papers and Princess came home that day.

Brian and I decided to rename Princess. We wanted to keep the princess theme, so we went through the list of Disney princesses and video game princesses until we settled on Zelda. Zelda was the perfect name for this pug.

Today we celebrate Zelda's fourth birthday and just over two years since we rescued her! It's been quite an adventure with Zelda, but we love that she is a part of our family. 

Happy Birthday Zelda!

If you want to learn more about Zelda or her adventures, you can read the first chapter of the Adventures of Zelda series here or visit my books page to purchase a copy.

An Interview with Peach

Zelda gets much of the attention in our house since she is the star of own book series. She has many #pugchat friends and her cute little wrinkly face has been plastered over the internet. I think all this pug attention is giving Peach a bit of complex. She asked if she could be on the blog today so the world can get to know her. I thought it was a great idea, especially since the third book of the Zelda series is The Adventures of Zelda and Peach. 

Can you tell us a little about your life before Brian and Kristen adopted you?

I don't really like talking about my life before Brian and Kristen. I was stuck in a cage. I had lots of puppies and they were taken away from me.

Okay. Let's switch gears then. What is your favorite toy?

I have a hard time picking which toy is my favorite. I like the owl, the duck, the skunk tail, the angry bird. Oooooh and I love my blue nylabone too. They are all great. Sometimes I gather all the toys together and lie on top of them!


What do you think is your best quality as a Boston Terrier?

The obvious answer is the ears. My ears are pointy and tall and they can forecast the weather. My ears signal if I am in a good mood or if I am on the prowl for squirrels. I also love my tongue because it gives kisses to people. I love giving kisses!


What is something you like to do with your sister Zelda?

I love chasing Zelda and stealing her toys. We have tons of fun in our new home running in circles. [youtube]

Can you give any hints or information about the storyline in The Adventures of Zelda and Peach?

All I can say is the book has a polar vortex, a squirrel chase, an Easter Bunny and lots of snoring.

Thanks so much to Peach aka PDoodle for taking the time to share with us today. Look for her in the upcoming book The Adventures of Zelda and Peach.