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Grab The Photograph for a Buck!

I'm running a $0.99 promotion on my novel, The Photograph, this week (October 5-11) in the Amazon Kindle store. If you haven't picked up a copy yet, it's only a buck, so fire up your Kindle and load it. Find it here in the Amazon store.  Also, happy October. Eat something pumpkinish. :)


The Photograph 

On a quest for truth, one girl will find more than she bargained for...

Sixteen-year-old Rachel Brandt is excited about her six-month anniversary with her boyfriend, Brent, getting her driver's license, and competing for a district championship in her first season on the varsity basketball team.

But when Rachel stumbles across a photograph of her parents, she can't shake the feeling that she is meant to find her mother, whose identity is a secret her grandparents have closely guarded. All Rachel knows is that her mother disappeared around the time her father was killed in action in the Gulf War a few months after she was born.

Her discovery of the photograph sends Rachel on a search for her mother against her grandparents' wishes and propels her life into a tailspin. She never imagines her search will reveal a series of lies that jeopardizes every important relationship in her life and her success on the basketball court.