The End of One Chapter is the Start of a New Chapter


KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA My life has been filled with teenagers for the past ten years. For two summers during college, I served as a camp counselor at Camp Wanake for middle school and high school campers. I graduated college with a degree in social studies education and a license to teach middle school and high school students. At Habitat for Humanity, I worked with area high schools to start a Youth United program at the affiliate. I worked with Citizen Schools, another fantastic nonprofit, which mentors at-risk middle school students. And of course, I have served in youth ministry for the past six years - the first three years at Rocky River Presbyterian Church and the last three at Forest Hill Church.

The past ten years have been wonderful. I have worked with amazing young people, incredible families, and great organizations. I learned so much about people, youth, myself, the church, organization, faith, and God. I got paid to lead mission trips, go whitewater rafting, and teach youth about Jesus. I wouldn't trade these experiences for anything.

For the past several months, I have felt my passion shift. After many conversations with my husband and weeks of thoughtful prayer, I decided to leave my position as Youth Director at Forest Hill Church. I am excited for a new chapter in my life start, but leaving a position where you invest your time and heart is never easy.

I am especially excited about my future in writing and speaking. For the past couple years, I talked about writing and publishing, but I haven't focused enough time to seriously pursue a career in writing. Soon I will have more flexibility in my schedule and brain power to write. I can't wait to crank out more stories and book more venues to speak and teach about living your best story. I hope you will continue to follow along my journey.

The end of one chapter is always the start of a new chapter!