October 2013 Book Reviews

Sadly, I only read three books this month. The first book I read this month was a lengthy one and I struggled to get through it. The last two were fun reads.  I am also continuing to read through all the books on my kindle or that I have around and haven't read yet. I've learned most of the books I pick up are pretty good reads, even if it takes me a few months to get to them. It's funny how my to read list always grows; it never shrinks! The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver - This is a tough review for me to write because I didn't enjoy reading this book. However, I respect the author and the whole of this book. The Poisonwood Bible is the story of a family who moves to the Belgian Congo in 1959 led by the father, Nathan Price, who is an evangelical Baptist. I didn't enjoy the novel for a few reasons. The first half of the book was slow and I had a tough time with the portrayal of Nathan Price. I think he was a stereotype and gives readers a bad picture of Christianity. I did enjoy the last third or fourth of the book when the characters make it out of Africa and learning about how they deal with the rest of their lives. I also love how the authors' love for Africa shines throughout the book. Even though the book hit on some tough themes such post-colonialism and religion, it didn't make me turn the pages quickly. And because my interest wasn't completely there, I only give it 4 out of 7 stars.

The Homegoing by Michael Olin-Hitt - A friend of mine handed me a copy of this book a few months ago and I am glad I finally picked up the book and read it. The Homegoing is the story of a young woman named Ruthie who is returning home to Laurelville after a few semesters of college at Ohio State. She wants to figure out the mystery behind a death in her family, but along the way finds out more secrets than she ever imagined. I really enjoyed the characters, especially the dialogue. I also liked the faith aspect of the story. Great book! 6 out of 7 stars.

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas - Throne of Glass is another book that I bought on my kindle awhile ago and finally read. I really enjoyed reading this book especially since I love books with a strong female protagonist. The protagonist, Celeana is an assassin who is in a competition to win her way to freedom. Along the way, she encounters evil forces, makes a few friends, and falls in love. The book is predictable at times, but such fun to read. The competition and protagonist reminded me of hunger games, but in a fantasy world. I intend to pick up the sequel soon! 6 out of 7 stars.