One Year of Blogging about Writing

I have been blogging on various subjects for the past five years (at least). But, last year, I decided to hone in my blogging to focus on writing and reading in support of my author platform. A year later, I'm still writing and blogging and enjoying it! I have found I enjoy sharing my writing journey and encouraging fellow writers on the path to publishing. The blog also serves as a landing page on the web for readers and from time to time I share short stories and chapters of my books, along with promotions for my books. However, I don't promote the blog much. But, over the past year, my readership is slowly growing which is exciting. I am nearing 100 followers on Wordpress along with over 60+ who subscribe to my monthly email updates. So thank you to who are spreading the word about this site and I hope the content helps you find a good book to read or helps you get your idea into words and on to a page.

For those who may be newer to my site, here are some of the top posts over the past year.

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Thanks again for following this journey. I encourage you to pick up any of my books or follow me on twitter or facebook.

What have been your favorite posts? What topics would you like to see me write about?