The Workshop, Basketball, and Writing Update

After a very slow August, September is moving along nicely. I'm happy to report I'm making progress after resetting my priorities last month and wanted to share my progress with you.

On October 3rd, I am presenting the Discover Your Story workshop.

The free workshop runs from 7:00pm to 8:30pm at Forest Hill Church and all are welcome to attend. During the workshop, we explore our stories, find meaning in our stories and understand the greater purpose of our stories in an interactive and intergenerational setting.

For the next year, I am focusing on extending my reach through speaking and workshops. I am really excited to lead this workshop and hope this is the first of many Discover Your Story workshops.

On October 13, I running a 5k in Cleveland. My fitness and running regime slipped over the summer, but I am back in gear. Last Saturday, I cranked out a 5 mile run and I'm consistently running 3-4 times a week and balancing my off days with strength and cross training. It feels great, especially with the cooler fall temperatures.

I received official word I am returning to Laurel School to coach the seventh and eighth grade girls' basketball team this winter. I knew I was returning to Laurel, but I was waiting to see if a coaching spot at the high school opened up. But, the coaching staff is returning and I'll be back with the middle school girls. I love basketball. I love coaching. The season starts in the first week of November and I can't wait!

Youth Ministry at Forest Hill Church is going well. I wrote about the great start to the program year last week.

Last, but not least, I wanted to give a real update on my writing progress.

The bulk of my writing time goes to editing my first draft of my novel. The first draft edits of my novel will be complete by the end of September. After my first draft edits, the next step is a first reader. I'm looking for a volunteer to read my book and give me general feedback on plot, characters, etc. The first reader is not a copyeditor, but an avid reader who can tell me if my novel is any good (seriously!). That's where I stand with my novel. It's been a huge project- much bigger than I imagined or expected. But, I'm making progress.

My other writing project is my next nonfiction work on living a radical Christian life based on Jesus's life and ministry in the Gospels. This project is mapped out and outlined. The next step is writing and I know writing this book will go much faster than my novel. But, the project is at a standstill while I finish first draft novel edits. I realized working on two writing projects, a blog and youth ministry simultaneously was too much for my brain. When I finish first draft edits of my novel and send it to a first reader, I'll continue work on this book. This book will be a great companion to When Light Hits the Path.

Whew. I think that's it for the update. In case you are wondering, Brian and Zelda the Pug are doing well. I'm hoping one of both will guest post in the future.

Thanks for following my journey and supporting my adventures in writing!

Peace & Love,