You can jump-start your kids' love of reading.


Books that make kids laugh foster a love of reading in children. Plus, books by Kristen Otte are parent approved because of age appropriate content and characters with moral integrity. These characters aren't perfect. They make mistakes, but they learn and grow. 


The Adventures of Zelda

For ages 7 and up, start with The Adventures of Zelda: A Pug Tale, the first of five in a laugh-out-loud chapter book series about a pug who has an appetite for adventure.

Take the word of these parents:  

"It is difficult for me to find books that my daughter enjoys. She isn't much of a reader because not many books hold her interest. She loves pugs, though, so I purchased this book for her, hoping it would keep her interest. She loved it!"

"It is a very readable story about a dog - great for struggling readers."

"My 10 year old pug obsessed boy, loves this whole series! It should be noted, he generally doesn't like to read chapter books, but he is in love with the antics of Zelda!" 

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books for teens

 The Eastbrook series are novels for teens that explore the themes of family, love, friendship, and growing up. 

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Alien Kid

For ages 9 and up, Alien Kid is the new middle grade series by Kristen Otte. The first book releases in June of 2017. Charlie Baker is not only the new kid in middle school, he's from another planet!

Charlie Baker is a sixth-grade student at Silver Lake Middle School. It's tough being the new kid. He has to make friends, learn geometry, and try not to embarrass himself in gym class. Oh, and he's also not supposed to tell anyone that he's an alien. Too bad he broke that rule the very first day. Now he has to convince his new friend Maya to help him fit in, keep his parents from discovering that he shared their secret, and deal with Caden, the school bully. Oh pug! This is going to be tough. 

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author Days

An author visit from Kristen Otte is an interactive experience that will spark your child's interest in reading and writing. Visit the store to buy autographed books for delivery at an upcoming author day.  

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