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Margin and Balance with the Author Life

[youtube] It's been awhile since the last video post. In this short chat, I discuss balance and margin for writers, especially those working other jobs in addition to writing. I also give a writing update on the next projects for me. For the Zelda fans, she makes an appearance along with Peach. In fact, they spend a good portion of the video being goofballs behind me.

Do you have margin in your life?

The Origin of Stories


Where do your story ideas originate?

In today's video post, I talk about the origin of some of my stories and novels and how these ideas transform into a novel.

I also give a quick writing update– I have three projects in the current queue.

I am getting better at these video posts (I think), but I'd love your feedback. Do you like these short video blogs?


The Importance of Book Reviews

[youtube] Hello Friends!

I have a video post for you today. I talk a little bit about my current writing projects before explaining why book reviews are so important to authors.

If you want to write a book review for any of my books, please follow the links below to write a review at the listed sites. Thanks so much.

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The Adventures of Zelda: The Second Saga - Amazon, Nook, Goodreads

The Final Hour (Short Story) - Amazon

The January 2014 Video Update with Zelda Pug

[youtube=] For some crazy reason, I decided more video posts were a good idea for the blog in 2014. Here's the first video post of 2014 where I give you some updates on what's next for my writing projects.  And of course, Zelda and Peach make appearances. (Side note, I promise these video posts will get better! Hah!)